Shipéri - All about the talented Wonder Boy

Manett Kiafon with stage name as Shipéri, is a Cameroonian singer, song writter and actor borned on 14 June 1997 In Bota Limbé. He comes from a family where entertainment has always been a hobby. His father owned the first night in the town and it was a huge success in the 80s and 90s, his sisters and cousins are dancers as well as Gospel singers. Shipéri like any other Africa child was active in Sunday school and was always a part of the school choir and dance group. On 11th Febraury each year, he was such an active figure in the youth day´s activities. He was young entertainer and his childhood dream was to dance at the famous dance show in Cameroon DELIR hosted by Foli Dyran. He was so good at what he did that the city mayor on the 11th Feb of 2004 invited him for his child´s birthday the following month. Shipéri did not take singing so serious as his dancing qualities dorminated as he grew up. While he was in secondary school, he could be seen dancing every time there was an opportunity. His music career only started when he went to Buea for a movie audition and was influenced by the high number of guys into music in this city. His time in Buea for this movie audition and acting opened him to many opportunities

in the entertainment industry. This moved him to give in a go and he started writing rhymes. He later on met some guys who were in the music scene and they showed him, how to the structure of a song looked like. His voice was already a big asset and all he needed was the basics on how to write a good song. After working as back up singer in so many studios in Buea, Limbé and Douala, Shipéri decided to make a full time career out of music. He was then signed by Aston Manett Music ( after his performance in an event in Douala which was attended by the scouting staff of Aston Manett Music. He moved to Youndé in 2018 signed his contract and was given a producer to work with (Mr KB Damaani). During this period they recorded 25 songs, which some will feature in his album. Shipéri drops two tracks from his forth coming album from his forth coming album later in 2019.

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