Aston Manett

Aston Manett is a financial and asset investement company. Aston Manett invests in many domains and is very diverse. Aston Manett is one of the top ten fast growing enterprises out of Africa in recents years and she is also one of the high risk taking companies in recent times accoding to World wide ranking.




     Our Product and Services

 Aston Manett Music/ Recording label is  offering a variety of services within the scope of the recording,  music production/ Publication industry, artist and career management. We are a full time video recording Studio  for video tracks, editing and directing. We also animate your evenst, ceremonies, festivals ( check our EVENT PAGE to see more on our offers on events management). Our intention of starting Aston Manett  is to make good music, entartain people, sustain careers and make  profits from the recording studio and Music production industry and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the industry to achieve our aim and business goals.



Aston Manett business offering are listed below;

  • Music Recording

  • Sound Production

  • Studio Session for clients

  • Production of Jingles and Soundtracks for Organizations

  • Setting up of Recording Studios for Clients

  • Production of Audio Books

  • Sell of Studio and Musical Equipment

  • Music / Sound Consultancy and Advisory Service

  • Events management and animation

      Aston Manett Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the number one choice when it comes to recording studio, Music production, artist and career management in the whole of the country. 

     Aston Manett Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a world class and well equipped recording studio that will become one of the most preferred choice for both music artists and publicity and advertising agencies especially those that are involved in the production of jingles and soundtracks in the Country.

     Aston Manett Strength

Aston Manett core strength lies in the power of our team and the state of the art, recording studio equipment that we have. We have a team that can go all the way to give our clients value for their money; a team that can produce world class musical sounds. We are well positioned in the heart of Country with agencies all over the globe  and we have been attracting many of clients from the first day we open our music production studio for business. Our simplicity, hospitality, unstereotype and talent scouting ambition makes us the right place to come and  give yourself the sound you seek, the career you find difficult to develop. Our doors are open to everyone and we are available on every social media platform for contacts and information.

     Aston Manett Target Market

When it comes to music recording or music production, there are no exemptions to who we can market your services to. There are loads of people out there who are interested in releasing a single, a publicity or a full musical album. There are corporate organizations that would need the services of a standard recording studio companies to help them produce jingles or soundtrack for advertisement and promotion purpose. There are authors who would need the services of recording studios to help them record their audio books. There a comedians who want to release their art on audio. Gospel artists who want to let their praises to God heard we are all ready for that too and our team is mostly filled with believers.

Aston Manett is made up of different sectors and which she invests her financial resources and personel know-how to achieve optimum goals. Aston Manett is a profit making enterprise and also engages in lots of humanitarian and social activities - give back to the society projects.
Here are the sectors in which Aston Manett operates.

1) Aston Manett Music - Taking Cameroon and African music to the Workd and Vice Versa
2) Aston Manett Clothing 
3) Aston Manett  Vehicles ( Rental servies, Vogage and sales )
4) Aston Manett  TV/Radio
5) Aston Manett  Events/ Awards
6) Aston Manett Football Club





                                potentail energy is easily made kinetic

Aston Manett Music stands out as one of the oldest and first investment project ever made under this company, way back in 2006. It was created in a small town in the northwest of Cameroon by Chris Bertrand Bamanejo - click on the name to know more about him-, when he was dismissed from a boarding school he was attending and he had to continue his studies in a local school in that town without letting his family know about his trategy. He had to find a means to survive and the first thing he thought of, was his favourite hobby football. After training for a month with the former Cameroon Champion club Kumbo Strikers and had no pay he gave up on football and turn to what had made him popular in the boarding school he attended -Music- . It was here that he created Aston Manett Music even though it never signed any artists and never produced a hit song during that time, but he helped lots of young artist like -Eazy Priest, X Virus etc- develop their talents and gave them studio confidence. 
The studio was later moved to the city of Douala in 2008 when he had to continue with his university education where he optained a Bachelor´s degree in Economic Mangement. During that time, the studio signed singer Roxi Max and producer Water Land - click on the name to know more about him - . Roxi Max never produced an album under the label but had made some hit songs. One of his hit songs -fine fine gurls ft Mr Drogbag- was the most shared song on Blutooth in the summer of 2011 among students and the citizens of Douala. This song was a major hit in the streets and in every taxi. Aston Manett Music continued to produce artist on the local level untill 2013 when the founder had to move abroad to start his MBA -Business Management and Admisnistration in Germany - Uni Tübingen. In Germany the studio was opened but did not produce official tracks but work with notable Hip Hop artists and producers in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France. Aston Manett Music used the opportunity to gain international experience. 
Aston Manett Music is now back and fully installed in Cameroon with lots of international experiences and know-how to take Cameroon music to the World and the World to Cameroon. Aston Manett Music is here to make the dreams and wishes of young, old, talented, aspiring and vibrant artists, music adimirers, producers, editors, DJs, writers and video directors to come through.
Aston Manett Music is a modern complete Music studio -audio-visual- with international standards. Upon its launching, it was rated 4 star and millions of fans World wide are expecting lots of good music to come out soon-albums or singles-. Aston Manett gives the chance to every artists to show their talents. Talent scouting and career management is one of our strong points and any other thing is secondary. 
Aston Manett  Music aims at making good quality music -digital sound- , HD3 and 4K videos and making the songs avaialable at all platforms for the satisfaction of the fans. The quality of the audio coupled with high definition videos is a seductive factor to the fans. The fans have the possiblity to register into the website and get free/quick downlaod and updates on every artists from the label and other vital news on events, concerts, new singles and albums. Africa pop, zouk, dancehall, Reggea, rhumba, salsa, RnB, Hip Hop are key componets to our success.
Aston Manett aims at producing, marketing and managing as many artist as possible and giving the fans lots of hit songs one after another. This is aim at filling the void that has been left by the fall of makossa. Aston Manett  Music also aims at bringing Music made in Cameroon and Africa to the diaspora. Giving a good home feeling and memories to those in the diaspora. Aston Manett Music also records, coordinates, publishes, markets, manages, manufacture, distribute, promotes and enforces copyright laws for songs and videos. Talents scouting and artists development are as well managed by the Aston Manett Music staff. Every artist signed into the lable is entitled to a lawyer.


                The Team -Personel-

1-GMA -General Managing Administrator
2-CEO -Chief Executive Officer
3-AC/SC -Accountant/Secretary
8-Directors -audio
9-Directors -videos

11-PR -Public Relation Officers



               Aston Manett Music Organisation


Promotion and Art Department :  This department is in charge of of the branding and the packaging of the artists and merchandising and all the artwork that goes along with producing an album. This includes CD cover art, advertisements on Tv, radio the press and displays at music stores. This also includes artist make up and wardrop during video shoot and concerts.
A&R and Artist Development : The A&R (artists and repertoire) department is considered a beautiful department at Aston Manett. This is because A&R have been in charge of discovering new talent and developing and planning their careers them.
Legal : This is the section that deals with all the contracts that are made between Aston Manett Music and the artist, producers, writers etc as well as contracts between Aston Manett Music label and other companies. Any legal issues that arise between workers of Aston Mnaett Music and the company go through this department.
News, Media and Interviews :  This section is to deal with newer aspects of the music business, including producing and promoting music videos for the artist. In addition, this section will be working hard and  responsibly to help artist create a presence and a positive influence on social media. It will have to adapt to the new technologies in which artists can stream and operates music and music videos and have fast and quick contact to fans
Marketing and sale : This section makes the overall marketing plan for every album, every single and every video  that Aston Manett Music releases. It helps coordinate the plans of the promotion, sales and publicity departments. This sector also controls the retail aspect of the label - getting CDs to retail stores and so on.
Our team is young and dynamic with lots of ambitions. We work with lots of dignity and humbleness and at the same time try to have as much fun as we can. Every section of the label is filled with learned talented workers who have through the years gained alot of experiences and are willing to let talent show by making someone a star. And he goes our biggest saying


                                    ( Pounctual delivery)




Designing, producing, Buying and distribution/selling to clients.


Setting up a partnership business which deals on buying of brand new and second hand clothes and redistributing to clients who meet our selling prices. Capital shall be raised through the buying of shares and a shares shall costs 10000frs CFA. A shareholder is allowed to buy as many shares as he or she can.
Partners contribution
Our contribution shall be in the form of:

                            Location of Business
Marché Nkouloulou, Douala Cameroon

Zone of opreration
CEMAC Zone, Nigeria and Niger


                          Management and Control
The management and control of the business has to be done by members who have invested and have shares in the business. Workers could be employed temporarily to play certain roles in the business but not strategic positions. Below is a list of postions and holders,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)          = Terence NGAH
General Management Admistrator (GMA) = Bertrand BAMENJO
Delivery Officer        =

                         Admitting new Members
New members will be  admitted who fullfill the conditions below:
- Buy at least 5 shares
-provide a service needed

                        Business Ethics
As a success oriented type of business and profit making, we have to put our ethics into seriousness to obtain the kind of success we seek
- Deliver on time and always make sure we are pounctual with our deliveries or better still earlier.
-Recognise customer needs before hand and try to solve them as soon as possible.
- Approach clients in a friendly way and be friendly throughout the eintire busniess transaction.
-Stay professional with clients and respect cleints gender, religious beliefs, political status, financial status, nationality and tribe.
-Market our services as wide as we can to attract clients.
-Offer clients water, wine after a business transaction ( this depends on whether other clients are waiting or not )
-Make sure every client is satisfied after every transaction.

                       Disputes resolution
We have to make every situation understood to each other. And every conflict shall be talked on together not individually, then a decision can be taken which will favour the business not the individuals involved.

                       Exit Strategy
No invlovement of law enforcement officers like police and lawyers without a concrete talk between partners but if the situation can not be handle with dialogue then a lawyer or law inforcement officer could be needed to help delibarate on the situation.