After a period of silence from Aston Manett Music, the promising label was busy trying to put the right team in order to release an Album that fit their standards and that of the music industry. The Album performed by KIAFON and produced mostly by MR KB, seems to be an Album that comes with all that an Album has to bring. Speaking on radio, MR KB the talented and highly unexploited producer said, ´´ this is a project like no other, I have worked on so many projects but this one stands out as the one with real love, the Artist, the team and the Executive Producer - GODFATHER, made the job feel like a passion again, I don´t know if I will ever produce an Album like this, because the atosphere during the production was like paradise´´. KIAFON who comes with pure, matured lyrics, blended with Afro-American English and French, is that Albums that keeps you happily paying your bills on Spotify, iTunes etc. The cute artsits seems to be so cool about the whole situation all the time. It seems ASTON MANETT MUSIC has got one of the most professional team in the music Industry in Cameroon. MR KB who owns his own label in Yaounde said ´´when I got the Information that my services were needed for this production and after talking to the executive producer it was quiet easy to make the decision, when you have the people around you who know how to press the right bottoms and how to make business like a life style, this is easy to make such massive decisions´´. This action shows that the level of professionalism in the music industry in Cameroon is on the positive track. While we wait for the album to be release we expect to have a test of some tracks from the album before the end of the summer. The album expected to drop by September 2018.

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