Album for Kiafon aka Shiperi produced by MR KB almost done

Aston Manett Music after a moments of silence and no good music being heard from the promising label, it has come to notice that the silence was due to a time taken by the production team to release a true and befitting album that will fit the standards of the label and that of the music industry as well. Speaking on radio, the powerfully talented and highly unexploited producer MR KB said ´´ it is a project like no other, I have never had something so stress free and exciting as this, My only worry is, if I will ever produced records like these in the future, because the energy and the atmosphere during this production is unbelievably incredible and it is a pleassure to be part of Aston Manett Music´´ . MR KB is a record producer and owns a label of his own but his actions to join Aston Manett on a production and management deal shows how professional the music industry is growing in Cameroon. ´´When you have the right people, who know how and when to press the right bottoms, it is easy to make these massive decisions without any worry´´ , said the producer. The artsist has been put in the right frame of mind to work on his records and go through the recording process with ease. KIAFON who comes with a blend of Afropop and soul music was amazing during studio seasons. KIAFON with his unique style of African-American English and a blend of French makes his lyrics and eventually his music a complete package. The album is said to be released in by end of 2018 but surely tracks will be released on media platforms before the year comes to an end. Mr KB continued as he said, he intends to manage the project and who knows, he might be gradually winning a brand new job as manager of Aston Manett Music.

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